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Between the 1 April 1940 US Census enumeration and the 9 April 1940 German invasion and occupation of Norway, S.S. Bergensfjord steamed from Bergen, Hordaland, Norway to New York, NY for the last time as part of the Norwegian America Line.1 The Bergensfjord was the last passenger ship (at least of NAL’s) that left for America before the invasion.

On board during that April 1940 voyage was my paternal grandfather, Nils Jorgensen (Nils Ludwig Jørgensen Kjølås, 1901-1982), an American citizen on his way back to the States after visiting family in Stranda, Møre og Romsdal, Norway.

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I’ve slacked a bit on the blog front, but a few motivational things have been pushing forward at the same time: WDYTYA? — While NBC is currently rerunning some of the Season 2 episodes of the US edition of Who Do You Think You Are?, I’ve been watching my own DVD reruns of some favorite […]

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I’m posting two “Open Thread Thursdays” topics this time to catch up a bit.  The truth is, this one is essentially an edited repost.  GeneaBloggers‘ prompt: Over the next few years – with the sesquicentennial of the United States Civil War – there will be more of a focus on ancestors who fought in the […]

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Years ago, when the word “blog” was not yet coined and “journal” sites were still manually edited, I had a modest set of pages called Scribbled Chronicles.  It was a standard early-era personal online journal with random chronological topics, named after a reference to the Anglo-Saxon_Chronicles, a centuries-old chronological history of the Anglo-Saxons, from the […]

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